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Around Churchill

Churchill, known for good reason as the Polar Bear and Beluga Whale capital of the world, is nestled between the banks of Hudson Bay and the Churchill River in Northern Manitoba. 

This small town, which is home to roughly 1000 people, is also home to approximately 3,000 beluga whales in the summer months and hundreds of polar bears in the fall. Located directly below the Auroral Oval, Churchill is also one of the best places in the world to view the Aurora Borealis.

Surrounded by breath-taking landscapes and a multitude of wildlife, Churchill has captured the hearts of travelers and photographers from around the world. Churchill’s primary industry is tourism, with thousands of visitors coming each year to set their sights on the numerous wildlife and plant life that thrive on the tundra and in the icy waters of Hudson Bay and the Churchill River. 

Because Churchill is located above the boreal forest tree line, it is considered to have a subarctic climate. Temperatures during the summer months average round 12.0 °C (53.6 °F) in July. The winter months see the temperature dipping to an average of −26.7 °C (−16.1 °F).

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